Brand VO2 named a leader in Emerging Revolution in Brand and Experience Measurement by Forrester



Renowned research group calls out Brand VO2 for predictive modeling of business results, aligning with in-market performance

DENVER, COLORADO – Sept. 13, 2016 – Brand VO2 has been named a global leader in brand and experience measurement by Forrester Research, Inc., in the report “Vendor Landscape: The Emerging Revolution in Brand and Experience Measurement, Tools and Technology: The Brand Experience Playbook.” Brand VO2 is featured under a headline reading “Uses more robust predictive brand models.” The report went on to recognize the unique Brand VO2 insights software as having a “robust” framework that enables “predictive modeling of business results and alert features.”

Distinguishing Brand VO2 from “ … many traditional branding models that rely on answers to predefined questions …” the reports author added that the software provides “… more actionable insights thanks to rich data sets and flexible analysis of all available information.” The report concluded its assessment of the software by saying: “A major manufacturer and marketer of consumer and professional products has partnered with Brand VO2 for day-to-day brand measurement and has found that the work directionally aligns with in-market performance.”

“We based our unique linguistic and brand equity models at the heart of Brand VO2 on 20 years of experience working with the most recognizable companies in the world: including P&G, General Mills, Dr. Pepper, Snapple Group, Aetna, and others,” said Peter Murane, co-founder of Brand VO2 and CEO of brand strategy and insights company BrandJuice.

“As a result, we are now mining actionable insights that are predictive of future sales for large companies in a dozen different verticals. What we are hearing from our brand customers,” said Murane, “is that they have never seen another brand experience and measurement software that has been able to align with a company’s future sales results to the degree that we realize by applying Brand VO2 brand performance, real-time insights. He added, “We are delighted that a research group with the outstanding global reputation of Forrester has recognized us in their report on measuring what they call ‘The Full Brand Experience.’”

About BrandVO2

Brand VO2 is cloud-based software that allows brands to keep score against competition, identify market disruption and predict future market share.

Our system produces real-time business intelligence from millions of online conversations across social media, e-commerce, blogs, forums, review sites and traditional media. Then, we apply brand-, competitor- and category-specific proprietary computational linguistic systems and brand attribute models to yield a company’s unique, early-warning Brand VO2 Score™. The software and score, backed up by real human analysts, can effectively quantify brand health and marketplace momentum, predict future market share and business performance, monitor risk points, identify weaknesses, reveal emerging trends, spots market disruption and identify potential acquisition targets. For more information and a short informative video, please visit

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