Brandvo2’s own Marilyn Johnson is profiled as a ISSP Certified Sustainability Professional (CSP)

Brandvo2’s own Marilyn Johnson is profiled as a ISSP Certified Sustainability Professional-CSP

Profiled March 2019

Title: Chief Operations Officer

Organization: Brand VO2

Educational Background: Masters in Health Science (University of Toronto); Bachelors in Biology (Queen’s University); Bachelor of Physical Health and Education (Queen’s University); ISSP-CSP; CISR Expert Certified; Executive Leadership (Seattle University); Sustainability Leadership (UC-Irvine).

What experiences first sparked your interest in sustainability?

“I’ve always had a passion for health. I’m a competitive athlete, run marathons and spend a lot of free time on the tennis court. When I headed to college, I dove into Biology and Physical Education. After graduating, I went to the library – literally – and researched up-and-coming careers that looked promising. I stumbled upon something called ‘Industrial Hygiene’ (IH). I then went on to get my Masters degree, and from there, my career was launched as I took on roles in Industrial Hygiene in Energy (Shell, Novacor Chemicals) and Forest Products (Weyerhaeuser). IH is a natural fit in the world of Sustainability, as it is focused on long-term impacts to health from the world we are working in. I quickly moved into the Environment, Health and Safety field, where I was first introduced and participated in the RobecoSAM – Dow Jones Sustainability Index survey.”

Why did you decide to get credentialed, and what value has the credential brought to you?

“I was involved in the early days of ISSP when the certification program was first being formulated. The timing aligned with my personal career, where it became evident that there was a need to bring a credible, professional credential forward as the field was maturing. I’m honored to have been a part of this important milestone and I believe my personal credential continues to be an important part of my brand. The ISSP brand is a known and respected global entity in the field, and can help to open doors and conversations. The community of sustainability professionals is always willing to collaborate and work together, and having an ISSP credential creates a common connection and trust.”

What recommendations do you have for other sustainability professionals about the ISSP credentials?

“For people who choose to dedicate their life and their career to sustainability, ISSP’s credentials are the premier way to show that commitment and knowledge. It is not simply a two or three day course, where you receive a certificate. Rather, it is evidence of a choice of life work and passion that requires deep knowledge, innovation, collaboration and continued growth and learning. It’s about a commitment to advancing a more sustainable world, requiring time, energy and passion – to both achieve and to maintain. While I’m a proud ISSP-CSP credential holder, I’m particularly excited about the ISSP-SA credential as it has an even greater potential to expand impact, and to truly integrate sustainable mindsets and actions into every type of profession. I’d love to see ISSP-SAs in every type of job category around the world! It is then that we will truly be working together, in advancing a more sustainable world.”

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