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Mark Wysong

Mark Wysong

Mark Wysong

Chief Executive Officer

Mark is an expert in finding new ways to extract value from big data environments. At Brand VO2/Temmpo, he helps clients analyze and interpret social and e-commerce word of mouth conversations through a Brand Health and Sustainability Lens. He is passionately committed to the largest companies in the discovery and use of the unvarnished consumer truth to make products more market impactful while enhancing citizenship.

Across his career Mark has conducted himself according to a one guiding principle “Protect People, Planet and Profit!”

Prior to founding Brand VO2/Temmpo, Wysong was founder of a successful start-up in Environmental, Health and Safety Compliance. Wysong help lead and establish of one the world’s largest EHS&S Information companies.

Mark is the published author of The Non-Toxic CEO. He received his MS Degree from Baylor University.

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