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Todd Meisler

Todd Meisler

Todd Meisler

Marketing Optimization Evangelist

Todd Meisler is an online strategist and internet marketing optimization expert who works in marketing, SEO and online optimization for BrandVO2. Todd focuses on website development, SEO, and Social Media Marketing for Temmpo and BrandVO2.

Todd is the founder ZD Design Agency in San Diego and founder of the SoCal Marketing Club and SEM San Diego. Todd cultivates the local community by bringing together businesses and SEO, SEM, SMO professionals with local business owners. Were he brings in industry leaders as guest speakers and celebrate the San Diego business online marketing scene.

Todd’s background is online marketing, technology, online strategies, design, coaching, consulting, speaking, web development, publishing, art direction and music. His career began in print advertising and book publishing, where he was the Art Director at New Riders Publishing and worked with self publishers. Todd worked for a division of Que corporation creating technical software manuals such as Inside AutoCAD, Ventura Publisher, and Inside Corel Draw. This led him to ventures in the printing industry, where he started his own own digital output service bureau called PC Bureau which serviced the entertainment and film companies in Los Angeles and Hollywood.

Specialties: Search Engine Marketing, PPC, SEM, Internet Strategy, Website and SEO, Social Media, Design, Consulting, Planning, Online Marketing Campaigns, Online Optiization, PPC and Paid Advertising.

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