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The Do’s and Don’ts of Submission - Brand VO2 Editorial Guidelines

We welcome your interest in sharing your perspective that enhance and enrich the conversation and knowledge sharing related to brand insights and related issues and trends.

Please note the following guidelines as you prepare your submission.

Thank you!

What we ask of you...

  • Write to Engage: Perspective posts should be written to engage the audience and advance the conversation related to company and brand insights.
  • Write Well: Perspective posts must be competently and coherently written and structured in a way that is interesting to the reader. The subject matter should be relevant to brand insights and related issues and trends.
  • Give Credit Where Credit is Due: Any references or research referenced, must be cited appropriately.
  • Be Original! Perspective posts need to be original to the Brand VO2 Site. A post that is published elsewhere will be rejected. If accepted and posted on the Brand VO2 site, the same post cannot be offered to another publication.
  • Be Creative: Length of post is up to the author and we encourage the use hyperlinks, and visuals (must include source/credit as appropriate).

What we will do on our end...

  • Edit Judiciously: We reserve the right to edit posts, and if changes are made, we will only post once we have agreement from the author/person submitting.
  • Reject if Required: We will reject any guest post outrighLeat that is appears as rude, offensive, or looks like a solicitation or is promotional in nature.
  • Review in a Timely Fashion: All posts will be reviewed by the Brand VO2 editorial team for the ultimate approval decision. We will get back to you within 2-3 weeks.

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