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Product Reviews and Social Media Fuel Ingenuity for Innovation

Product Reviews and Social Media Fuel Ingenuity for Innovation

A Consumer Insight Director from a large Consumer Packaged Goods Fortune 500 company approached our team with an unearthing hypothesis. “There are certain inflection points when new customers enter our category. We want to know when and who they are”.

The qualitative ask was straight-forward: analyze and report. After combing through close to 7,000 online product reviews and social media conversations, we identified five occasions of new, and very specific, customer entry-points, regarding purchase of drain cleaner:

  1. People who exhausted all other measures
  2. Young adults new to living on their own – especially apartment living
  3. Homeowners with smelly garbage disposals
  4. New moms and/or women with lots of hair
  5. RV owners

Brand VO2 qualitative analysis and learnings fueled ingenuity in the mind of our client.
The data revealed how some consumers were hesitant to use drain cleaners. There was a lack of belief that it could really work. Failed past attempts also caused reluctances with buyers.

Consumers had a tendency to share about their “emergency” on social media and talk about their experience with drain cleaner products. The use of buyers’ descriptive language gave us insight into potential category substitutes.

Competitive analysis was another key element in gathering insights and intel. Data suggested new buyers often looked at product reviews prior to purchasing. When the products successfully performed, consumers kept the product on-hand in case of an emergency.

How could our client close the gap on its competitor’s review count advantage on Amazon, Walmart or Target?

The A-Ha Moment
The Company’s imagination was sparked and the wheels of innovation ignited: “What if we labeled our packaging differently? We could give the consumer more, specifically, the time period for which they should use our product.”

The Result
Our client took advantage of the insights from online reviews and a deeper understanding of consumer habits. They began labeling their products differently and highlighting “next time use” within the package directions. This suggestion would increase product use and sales, by putting daily drain cleaners in other categories.

This particular exercise was unique in that it led to product innovation and increased sales. It is always rewarding to assist an in-tune Consumer Insights Director to listen to the voice of the customer and fuel brand ingenuity.

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