Case Study:

Major Consumer Products & Brand VO2

Global Giant Successfully Adopts Real-Time Brand Health


One of the broadest recent success stories with real-time brand health tracking and Brand VO2 came from a globally recognized, leading consumer products company. This U.S.-headquartered giant has broadly adopted Brand VO2 across 12 of its far-reaching categories to measure brand health in real-time and to enhance traditional brand health tracking with analytics derived from word-of-mouth.

This client, which has requested confidentiality, was unhappy with the expense and backwards-looking nature of traditional brand health research. They wanted to find a better solution that could take realtime consumer commentary across e-commerce and social media and translate those millions of conversations into predictive analytics for its brands and competitors.


The client selected Brand VO2 after conducting eight pilot projects. Our software system and analyst services have been integrated into seven client work streams:

  1. Ongoing brand health tracking
  2. Competitive intelligence reporting
  3. Market mix modeling and predictive analytics
  4. Earned media impressions analysis
  5. Marketplace alerts
  6. Marketing campaign analysis
  7. New product launch analysis


Our solution has identified numerous actionable insights including:

  • Revealing which brand attributes correlate most strongly to KPIs (like share) and then directing marketing investments to drive ROI
  • Identifying a product in need of a recall to address quality problems
  • Identifying the weaknesses of a competitor (and sales opportunity)
  • Measuring the success of major marketing campaigns, including an investment in a sponsorship involving a star NBA player
  • Monitoring the impact of a new disruptive technology in a category that drives company profitability

While this is a particularly large, successful application of Brand VO2’s power, we are achieving similar results for companies of many sizes, across many verticals.

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