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Outperform your competition by understanding the unvarnished consumer truth.

Are you tasked with building a powerful brand? Using customer feedback to drive business decisions? Leveraging data analytics in a meaningful way? Then you have arrived at the right place. Our brand management tools and analyst expertise helps you with brand insight by providing real data on how your brand is being perceived in the market.

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Identify Emerging Threats and Opportunities that Correlate to Future Market Share.

Designed for the sophisticated brand leaders, Brand VO2 evolves online listening well beyond the noise, sentiment analysis, word clouds and other less-than-actionable, non-predictive metrics of a first-gen “fire hose.”

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Powerhouse Brand Health Platform.

Our engine scrapes and structures millions of online conversations (e-commerce, social, blogs, reviews, message boards and more) to accurately identify emerging threats and opportunities.

We do this by tapping into our:

  • Deep, proprietary computational linguistics
  • Sophisticated brand equity scoring
  • Algorithms that quantify unique brand product and category attributes
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Inform Your Brand Strategy and Next Steps with Confidence.

  • PREDICT FUTURE SALES PERFORMANCE: Transform your brand health tracking through a dynamic, real-time measurement tool that highly correlates to your future business performance.
  • BE THE FIRST TO HEAR: Receive critical marketplace alerts from our analysts concerning key issues impacting your business: Market Disruption, Mergers, Category Trends, etc.
  • GAIN COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE: Through the Brand VO2 rejector data you can easily understand the weaknesses of your competition: product failures, lawsuits, campaign misses or why your customers are leaving your brand?
  • KNOW WHERE TO INVEST FOR GROWTH: Brand VO2 identifies the drivers of business growth by analyzing ecommerce, social, blogs and message board data. With Brand VO2, you can evaluate regional marketing strategies, pinpoint the brand health attributes resonating with your customers, and define which attributes are most closely aligned with sales performance.
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We do the Heavy Lifting to Help You and Your Brand Team.

  • Predict future market share and business performance
  • Capture real data on current customer perceptions/behavior
  • Leverage marketing optimization opportunities
  • Know if strategic objectives are being achieved
  • Measure marketing impact and ROI
  • Filter out oceans of vague, irrelevant online noise
  • Identify real-time “misses” (brand abandonment)
  • Gain vital awareness of category/customer trends
  • Spot market disruptions (to disrupt the disruptors)
  • Identify competitor risks (and “rejector” weaknesses)
  • Know where to invest for growth
  • Be the first to receive critical marketplace alerts
  • Quantify marketplace brand health (with their Brand VO2 Score™)
  • Identify potential acquisition targets
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