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Why spend hours sifting through data, trying to find nuggets as to how your brand is performing in the e-commerce realm, when we can send you a comprehensive, easy to use report. Use this information to take action, with our cost effective Pulse Reports which provide easy to digest Key Performance Indicators, Sentiment Landscape, Consumer Loyalty and more.

Get a Temmpo Pulse Report featuring your brand’s e-commerce performance delivered to your inbox.

E-commerce Performance Report
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Find out, in a snap, how consumers have rated your products. What they like best and what they like least.

Easily make sense of thousands of online comments about your brand and find out how your customers really feel.

Track your consumer review star ratings across e-commerce sites like Amazon, Target and Walmart.

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Inform Your Brand Strategy and Next Steps with Confidence.

We synthesize and make sense of what customers are saying, so you can adapt and make business decisions that are well informed to meet your customers needs.

Our category specific linguistic models and algorithms do the hard work so that you have a report to share with your team about your brand.

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Get the Unfiltered Truth to Detect Future Sales Opportunities.

By understanding what consumers care most about, you are better armed to inform and evolve your business decisions.

Review your brand’s strengths and weaknesses across the e-commerce landscape. Our technology enables us to uniquely segment and analyze product reviews, giving you the unfiltered truth about what all those customer comments mean to you.

Stay one step ahead by keeping a pulse on your competitors e-commerce performance.

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We Help Make You Look Even Smarter.

Our approach, using brand analyst intelligence and algorithmic evaluation, reduces the noise to less than 7%. That means you aren't wasting your time with irrelevant information, but instead, are focused on results from comments about your brand.

Our proprietary lexicon thoroughly identifies attribute specific descriptors so you can focus in on the key things that are really impacting brand performance.

Don’t guess. Don’t assume. Be in the know with the Temmpo E-Commerce Pulse Report, fueled by Brand VO2.

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